About Us

My name is Gill Harris and we are located in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia. We started our breeding journey 16 years ago in 2005 and breed a small number of Devon Rex kittens each year. We believe in doing everything possible to give our babies the best start in life putting much time and effort into establishing a solid foundation that will benefit every litter we breed. Sound husbandry practices to minimise the risk of health problems is a good place to start, and while it is clear there are no guarantees, having responsible breeding practices and being committed to health is a key focus.

Living with a Devon

Known for their energetic and quirky personalities, Devons are intelligent, loving and full of fun. They are a breed that will touch your heart from the moment you encounter one, and most people once smitten won't settle for any other breed.

From the moment I drove home with my first boy,  Kuli, I was totally hooked and knew that this little kitten with his big blue eyes and oversized ears was going to change my life. Here I am 18 years later still besotted with these special little felines and I can't imagine not having Devons in my life.