Taking your kitten home

When your kitten is ready to go home with you there are a few things you need to help your kitten adjust to their new environment
  • A sturdy carrier for travelling with your kitten which will be used for many years to come for trips to the vet and other travel. There are many on the market and it is best to choose one that can be easily cleaned and has easy access for getting your kitten/cat in and out.

When you get your kitten home they need to be confined to one room to begin with as this will allow them to settle and get their bearings. Provide them with a litter tray, food and water. As your kitten becomes more confident you can gradually give them access to more space. Cats are very clean animals however make sure they know where their litter tray is before you take them elsewhere in the house. If you live in a big house, additional trays might be necessary to ensure they can always find one when they are new to the environment.

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It is recommended to feed the same food and use the same litter that the kittens are used to when you take them home. There are so many choices on the market and it is important to do this initially to avoid litter accidents and tummy upsets. 

Below is a list of items and brands that we use on a regular basis: 


  • Rextales uses Breeders Choice in the early stages of toilet training and currently transitions kittens to Canadian Pea Tofu Litter/Furry Tail brand . We have also used Cat Mate brand wood pellet litter which uses a sieve tray system. 

  • There are many litter tray choices and if you want to avoid tracking, you can buy top entry trays which reduce the amount of litter tracked. 

Food Choices:

Food and nutrition is a complex and controversial subject and there are range of views circulating about what is best. Raw food proponents argue that as cats are obligate carnivores, a balanced raw diet is best. There are a number of commercial raw diets on the market and also supplemental products that you can add to raw muscle meat to ensure proper nutrition and a balanced diet. 

The premium commercial brands such as Royal Canin, and Hills Science Diet, use powerful marketing to promote their products, and while the food may be complete and balanced, there is some controversy about the impact on health due to the use of fillers, grains, and other additives. Carbohydrates are of particular concern and many of the dry foods on the market are high in carbohydrates.

Feeding a balanced good quality diet using a variety of different foods is often the best option. 

Rextales uses a variety of wet and air dried foods including: 

  • Feline Natural wet canned food and sometimes the freeze dried foods as a topper. 

  • Ziwipeak air dried foods which are the closest you can get to a raw diet without actually feeding raw. 

  • Ziwipeak canned foods.

  • Raw Meow which is a supplement added to raw muscle meat to make it complete and balanced.

  • Rextales also uses a range of other brands of wet and dried foods and the best option is to research for yourself in order to make an informed choice.


Most cats love a soft fluffy blanket on which to knead, but they can vary in their choices as to where they like to sleep. Some like nothing better than to climb under your doona while others will choose a hammock, scratching post, or some other little hidey hole. There are many different beds to choose from and I personally find that cocoon types beds that the cats can climb into a big hit. 

Scratching Posts:

Cats will naturally find a place to sharpen their claws and if you don't provide them with a scratching post it just might end up being your furniture. Scratching posts are a great source of amusement as well as a place for a quiet snooze. There are a range of shapes and sizes and they vary in price. Ensure you buy a post that has a sturdy base to prevent it toppling over.


Toys are another item that are very important for a kitten however you will often find that the scrunched up piece of paper or the cardboard box left on the floor from that new appliance you just bought become the toys of choice for your Devon. There are a few no no's however to be aware of. Rubber bands, string, wool etc. or anything that they can swallow that might injure them. String is a particularly bad one as it can wrap around their intestines causing a blockage.

Give them a warm place to sleep, food in the belly and lots of love, cuddles and games and they will give back more than you could ever have imagined.